31 March 2015

Day 57: German Vocabulary

Today was a crazy day - I was cleaning all day while trying to get school done. So here is a picture of Coqui doing his German. I already talked about our curriculum here. German in Ten Minutes a Day is a great book and we still love it. To stretch the lessons a little bit out and to repeat vocabulary that we talked about a few days or weeks ago, I have him do his own sheets of words. The book comes with stickers that you are suppose to put on the new learned words. I don't like that idea, and they do not stick really well.

So I have him pick any ten words a day. He sticks them on the paper and then he can draw a picture of it. So in the above picture, he picked shorts, salt & pepper, a bicycle, and he is drawing the refrigerator. Those are all words that we have learned within the last few weeks. It is a great way to repeat words that are not spoken very often. And it helps with the pronunciation - so more often he says them in German, the better he will pronounce any word.

Now the best part is really that Peanut, who has been very reluctant, starts repeating some of the words. Mostly, she wants to draw those words, too. So this was a great idea because Peanut learns better with hands-on activities. She will draw or sing anything, and memorizes it this way.