23 March 2015

Day 49: Build A Roman Villa

We continued our studies about Ancient Rome, talking about Roman education, Roman, architecture, and Roman houses, including Roman bathhouses. When researching for this unit, I came across a webpage where you could download a pop-up Pompeii villa, so I did. It was a great day to assemble it today. Coqui has finally reached the age where he does most of the work all by himself, so crafts like this are easy and a fun way to have history come alive. I like that it came with mosaics and  murals to decorate the inside of the villa. So it's also a mini art lesson.

When talking about all the other buildings that were built by Romans, I had found this website called History on the Net and it gives a ton of information about different eras in history, so also about the Romans. It provided us with material to talk about and learn. I love that we have the internet as a resource.