02 March 2015

Day 28: English From The Roots Up

Let's talk Latin and Greek.
I learned Latin in my ninth and tenth year of school, it was my fourth language after Russian, English, and French. My parents thought it necessary to know some Latin for any further foreign language. And it did help. I learned French faster and easier, and it helped me with the little Spanish that I know. Understanding is always easier than forming a sentence to communicate.

So it is natural to me to want to expose my children to some Latin. Now I think they are still a bit too young for proper Latin and / or Greek lessons - and I am not trying to attempt them speaking it fluently anyways. So we took the middle pathway, I picked up the book "English From the Roots Up". There is a volume One and Two - we are still in One.

The book is intended to help students understand English better, so their Spelling or Writing will improve. But I think it works the other way around as well. For now, the exposure counts. So we are working our way through this book.

The way we use it: we pick a new word per week and work on that word and it's uses in the English language. We are using these worksheets to fill in the Latin or Greek word, and then study their meaning. At the end, we review some older words, and once in a while, we play Match with the flashcards. It's a fun and easy way and Coqui enjoys it.