21 March 2015

Day 47: Busytown Game

Another rainy day, so we just continued from yesterday. There was a big breakfast, and lots of board games all day long, until it was time to go back home.

If you have never heard of Busytown, you and your kids have been missing out. As mentioned in the link, it is an imaginary town invented by the authors Richard Scary. The people living there are all talking animals. He wrote a bunch of books, like Busy, Busy Town or What Do People Do All Day?  We got introduced to these books by a friend of mine when Coqui was just a tiny baby. Growing up, he loved me reading from the books. They are entertaining and educational at the same time. Then we heard about the movies called Busytown Mysteries and Coqui was hooked for a long time. He passed it down to his sisters and we still watch an episode once in a while.

So their aunt got this game, Busytown Eye found it!, a few years ago and whenever we visit, the kids just have to play it with her. The ultimate goal is for the players to reach the other side of the town for a picnic before the pigs eat the entire lunch away. Turning the wheel will advance the players, will send them on a hunt for items found on the six foot long board, or has the pigs eat an item from the picnic. It totally encourages team work, instead of having the players play against each other - so Mami loves this game. And so do the kids.