01 April 2015

Day 58: Peanut wants to show off her work

I have not shared with the kids that I am photo-journaling about their homeschooling for a year, but they must have got on on their own. Peanut wanted me to take pictures of her work today.

On the left is today's page from the Explode the Code. We are on book 1 1/2 and she is catching on with the words. After finishing the first book on the series, I felt she was not ready for the second book. So there is a book in the middle, hence it's called 1 1/2. It is a great way of repeating everything from the first book without doing the same exercise. She wrote today's page all by herself without asking a million times for Mami's help. So yeah, I feel like we are getting where we need to go.

On the right side, you see a page from her Math book. We started with Horizon grade 1 but after twenty lessons, we hit a point that was too hard for her. So I needed to go back a little and buy her a different Math book. I know that Singapore Math is a little advanced, so I opted for the B book, which means for the second part of Kindergarten. She flew through the book and tomorrow will be her last day, then the book is completed. We will go back to Horizon and if that still doesn't work, I might just have to switch to Singapore altogether.

For today, she understood counting by 2s so well, that I had to give her a 'grade' for it. Just a few months ago, I was pulling my hairs out because she did not get the concept of skip counting. We had to drop it and now that we came back to it, she totally got it. This is why homeschooling works so much better! We can drop things if they don't work. We can skip ahead or go back, all depending on what the student needs. We would not want it any other way.