23 April 2015

Day 80: Godly Science Experiment

We needed a day where the kids could just go free range about the house and I could clean up after our visitors. The built train tracks, dressed up in all kinds of costumes, and then Coqui came over to show me an experiment that he made up himself. He even dressed for the occasion.

The explanation goes something like this: the two cups represent an indefinite amount of people and if the Christian people (yellow cup) talk about Jesus to the other (non-believing) people, the amount of believing people will overflow just like the water did in the cup. Wow.

I didn't know that my child is such an evangelist, but go Coqui! That was awesome to watch and hear. Very proud Mami moment.

22 April 2015

Day 79: Studying God's Word

Our bible club is nearing it's end of the school year, so in these last weeks the kids have to work extra hard to finish their books. Here is Coqui trying his utmost best to get to the end - and trust me, it will be a very close call. I am just amazed at how many verses a kid can remember when it is hard for me as an adult to remember one single one, like my favorite verse. But their brains are like magnets to information and they soak it all in. This is just one reason why we are participating in this club, that the children hear God's word constantly, so they have it ready in their hearts when life will get rough. And it will.

21 April 2015

Day 78: Sibling love

We had a good day at home with tons of outdoor playing. After dinner, we went out for ice cream and once back home, we had a bath. This is what happened right after. I love days when they are so close and get along so well. Truly being blessed today with these three little ones.

20 April 2015

Day 77: Roman Colosseum

The Romans are seriously taking over...... Coqui just loves history and any hands-on activity that makes it come alive. The Easter bunny brought this cool building set. The 'bricks' are made of Styrofoam so one can cut them or squeeze them easily. We built this Colosseum together. As recommended, we started using the Styrofoam glue but it took too long to dry one section of the structure, so we moved to the hot glue gun. That worked a lot faster and we could finish it today.

19 April 2015

Day 76: A day trip with my parents

I mentioned yesterday that my parents are in town, so we took off today on a road trip. The kids had a blast discovering and rediscovering new and old places. It was a very warm day, but you can see that Munchkin kept cool on Mama's back with a big hat....