30 March 2015

Day 56: Sight words practice

Peanut is almost done with this great book that I picked up at a local store. It's Sight Words: Level A from Flash Kids. We have learned all 55 sight words and are now working on the reviews that you can find throughout the book to make sure they won't forget what they learned. So here she did her review and at the end, she was suppose to write a sentence with as many of the five sight words that she reviewed. Yep, she wrote this sentence all by herself!
It totally reflects her goofy character. She is my silly one, my goofiest, the one that can make us all laugh, and she doesn't even have to try - it is completely natural to her. She brightens our days, even though my dry nature has a hard time with her sometimes.

29 March 2015

Day 55: Art DVDs

Last year in July, I wrote about our wonderful DVD program Mike's Inspiration Station. Besides going to church, we had no other plans, so we pulled out the DVDs and drew Goliath. I think the kids did a great job at following directions as good as to their abilities.

28 March 2015

Day 54: Birthday Fun

Today, we did not do any formal school work at all, but.... we socialized! We were invited to a Minecraft birthday party filled with games and activities like coloring, cookie decorating, and pin the tail. Coqui had to use his social skills when running into an argument. Peanut learned to be more independent as Mami had to constantly run after Munchkin. The little one was a bit overwhelmed by that many kids and all of them were older than her. So she stayed real close to me where I encouraged her to get involved in the activities. We had tons of fun though.

At home, they just played - and it was that kind of awesome play where I knew I had to stay out of. It was sibling time and they were at it for over two hours. It is so good to let them be kids.

27 March 2015

Day 53: Peanut being an overcomer

I love Fridays because it is our field trip day. Today we got to go to the rodeo. We had a large group with many children and some more adults, who were all guided around the grounds for about three hours. We learned how a cow is milked, we saw a dog show and pig races, and we got to pet a bunch of super cute animals.

A total of three times, we went into that little area called a petting zoo. The first two times, it was just Coqui, Munchkin, and me. They are both not afraid of them and enjoyed feeding and stroking them. Peanut is a little bit scared and preferred to wait outside. Until the last time. She braved coming inside with us and ended up petting every animal from cow to goat to lama and even a kangaroo. She even fed one baby goat some food. What a big moment for her to overcome her fears. Big yeah.

26 March 2015

Day 52: How hard is the job of a paleontologist?

We are more than halfway through our science book - that might not sound great to you, but to us that is huge progress. Last year, we also used Apologia, the Astrology book, and without that awesome Homeschool planner app that I talked about a few weeks ago, we did not even come close to halfway. So we dropped it all together and started a new book this year: Zoology 1, which are the Flying Creatures of the Fifth day. The Apologia program for the elementary age groups follows the six days of creation, so we kind of skipped a few books but that is the beauty of homeschooling, we CAN.

So we finished the bird study of the first half of the book and now moved to bats, dinosaurs, and insects. Coqui is not always a fan of science, but at least the notebook is made interesting enough for him to stick with it for every lesson. Today, we studied the flying dinosaurs, the pterosaurs. One of the experiments was to find out how hard the job of a paleontologist is. He had to study a photo of a person that he doesn't know very well, but that I know. The student was asked to make a table with three columns. In the first column, he had to write down facts of observation. What did he see on the picture? In the second column, he had to make guesses about the person. Who was she? What did she like doing? And so on. He did really good. Then I had to tell him about that person and he had to take notes. The picture above is of my latest grandma, my mother's mom. She was a great woman and I loved her very much. He filled up the entire page with notes - this is big for my non-writer. He really liked doing this. And he learned a little bit about our family. Great lesson from a great book. We really like the Apologia books.