02 March 2015

Day 28: English From The Roots Up

Let's talk Latin and Greek.
I learned Latin in my ninth and tenth year of school, it was my fourth language after Russian, English, and French. My parents thought it necessary to know some Latin for any further foreign language. And it did help. I learned French faster and easier, and it helped me with the little Spanish that I know. Understanding is always easier than forming a sentence to communicate.

So it is natural to me to want to expose my children to some Latin. Now I think they are still a bit too young for proper Latin and / or Greek lessons - and I am not trying to attempt them speaking it fluently anyways. So we took the middle pathway, I picked up the book "English From the Roots Up". There is a volume One and Two - we are still in One.

The book is intended to help students understand English better, so their Spelling or Writing will improve. But I think it works the other way around as well. For now, the exposure counts. So we are working our way through this book.

The way we use it: we pick a new word per week and work on that word and it's uses in the English language. We are using these worksheets to fill in the Latin or Greek word, and then study their meaning. At the end, we review some older words, and once in a while, we play Match with the flashcards. It's a fun and easy way and Coqui enjoys it.

01 March 2015

Day 27: Table Manners

I recently read one of those funny articles about Germans and their habits. It was called 26 signs you were born and raised in Germany. Some of these are plain funny, other could come from any other country in the world (mostly), and a few are very German habits indeed. So is #1, which states that table manners are very important to us as Germans (and to our parents).
Oh, it is so true. My parents were very adamant at teaching my brother and me proper table manners. Now as a child, I only thought of it as annoying and obviously unnecessary. Today as a parent myself, living in a country where this is less important, I find myself sounding like my mother! It has become very crucial to me to instill good table manners in my children, knowing they won't see it much around them. In a country where finger foods are not only common among children, it is hard to stand firm on the importance of being able to use fork and knife. So my parental mission is just that: to instill proper (German) table manners.

Undoubtedly, I don't believe that children should not be taught to operate a knife properly. It is, after all, part of the table manners. Now one starts with a child-friendly knife, small and dull. So my children got handed a knife at a very young age, just like this one: Gerber Graduates Cutlery. Then we worked on learning to use a real butter knife. And so on..... Today, I have my five year old cut the bread with a real bread knife, my eight year old cuts all his meats by himself, and as you can see, my two year old is very busy practicing her skills with the knife because she wants to be just like the older ones.

28 February 2015

Day 26: Essential Oils have taken over

Today was a learning day for Mami.
A few months ago, I was introduced to essential oils, fell in love, and now can not stop using them. I started slowly, one oil at a time. Then I ventured out to new oils and more use for them. Now I use them for my entire family. Yesterday, I started made those 'fizzling toilet bombs' that needed to dry overnight. I followed this recipe, well almost. I only used about 20 drops total, so about seven each of purification, lavender, and lemon. 90 drops is way too much. They turned out great and I used one already. It made for a nice fizzling party in the toilet.

Today, I went to a Make and Take party to make more fun things, like sunscreen, bug spray, and lip balm. I can not wait to use all these wonderful things. Mostly, I am excited about the bug spray and the anti itch spray. Those have been on my wish list for a while.

I am using Young Living Oils because I believe in their products and in their natural purity. We diffuse them, we use them topically, and I use them internally. What I love best is that our entire family uses them, yes, kids and hubby, too. When the kids have a tummy ache, they ask for peppermint. When they get a bloody knee, they ask for lavender. And at night, they all get their nightly rub-on of their specific 'sleeping potion'. It's awesome and we love this.

Now I am learning every day how to replace everything in our house for natural stuff. I mean I have always been looking for natural versus chemicals or medications. I grew up hearing things like "grow some mint in the backyard to make tea when you have a cold" or "eat some honey for your cough". It was a lifestyle that I did not always embrace, but I am ready now. I am sure I will share more recipes in the future. SO stay tuned.....

27 February 2015

Day 25: Field trip day at home

While Coqui got to go on  field trip with Daddy to a car making factory, us girls stayed at home in our warm house. It was freezing cold outside, so we had the fire place on all day. The girls got to play girly games, I taught them a few board games, and they got to watch some TV. Educational TV, of course. ;-) It was cozy.....

26 February 2015

Day 24: Family Quality Time

We had a day filled with lots of activities: doctor appointments, PE class, Karate, and shopping. But after dinner, we just all spend some much needed quality time together. The Hubby is a huge boxing fan, so last Christmas (2013), the kids got boxing gloves and training punch gloves (or whatever they are called!). They love to pull those out and 'train' with their Daddy. Well, at least the oldest and the youngest. My princess is not much into boxing.

Homeschooling is a life style - we are not trying to create school at home. So days like today are a bit crazy. but then again, they teach the children that life can be chaotic and we need to know how to deal with it. We always make sure that after a hectic day like today, we spend some family quality time together in the evening. I am so blessed with my family.