07 March 2015

Day 33: The simple things in life

The kids had a relaxing day at home, for the most part. We stayed in PJs until after lunch, played games, and the kids just simply played. It is so important that they can let their spirits and imagination go without the academic pressure. Munchkin enjoyed herself for a long time with these fine motor skill games. Stringing beads and dress up magnet dolls. She talked to herself and she role-played. That is so important.

Peanut and Coqui pulled out the army guys and played battle after battle, some imaginary, and some reenactments. They also played a board game and some cards. Then I found them, like so many times, at their desks drawing. So I actually got some quiet time to myself to read some emails, catch up with my friends, and some devotions. I also looked through my lesson plans and our schedule for the next week to be ready for Monday. I love my Homeschool Planner.

We all did leave the house, too. To the craft store to buy some supplies we needed. And to the book store - as if we do not have enough books already, but who can resist! And we met some friends. We enjoyed the crisp air outside, so they are sleeping now real good in their beds, dreaming of more play tomorrow.