11 March 2015

Day 37: Peanut wants to read

Today was a crazy day. Plans didn't work out and we ended up at a local book store at 9:30 am! Yes, it was so quiet inside - until we got there. We spend over an hour in the store, mainly because I like to roam through the clearance section on the lookout for good (and cheap) treasures. The kids read, or I read to them. So it was all good in my book - education doesn't only come from filling out worksheets and workbooks, it also comes from reading. After her success yesterday, I told Peanut to pick out an easy to read book, like those Step 1 books. My kids have rediscovered Dr. Suess and my Peanut loves cooking, so the above book was perfect for her. Here she is trying so hard to read, but she could not quite get it. We will continue to practice until one day..... she will surprise all us. I can't wait.


jolav.blog said...

There is a lot to the mental readiness - of a child, or an adult. (I often learn new technologies, and then.... don't use them and go back to the way I did things before. For a while, till I'm ready.) There is intimidation in accepting a new skill, and believing you can actually make it work. But once ready in the head/ ready in the heart - it just flows... Good luck, P.