22 March 2015

Day 48: Paint your own Pottery

So today, we picked up our pottery that we made last week when the grandparents were here for a visit. All three kids could pick out a piece that they would paint. So Munchkin chose a piggie bank pig. Peanut picked an owl - she likes owls. And Coqui found this dragon that goes right along with his love of knights and dragons. For two hours, they painted away and we were not allowed to 'mess' with their art work, at least the two bigger ones. Little Munchkin needed some help but she did alot of the painting on her own. Their creativity can be seen in their work.

The sad part came when we had to leave their treasures behind. Thankfully, it only took a few days for the place to burn it, so today, we could come and pick them up. Et voila: