04 March 2015

Day 30: Ear ache remedy with essential oils

Yesterday was a rough day. Coqui fell ill and we had to head over to the doctor who confirmed that he had an eye infection that resulted from rubbing his eyes too much due to his allergies. When the doctor checked his ears, she said that his right ear had some fluid in it, so if he developed pain, we should come back. Sure enough, he started to have some pain this morning. They were at a friend's house because I had a doctor appointment, so it took us some time to get home. By the time we got home, he was in pain. So I did a quick research online, found some remedies, and applied them.

Now, they did not work as instantly as Coqui wanted them to work, but I think they did. From laying on the couch crying to jumping around with his sisters, not even an hour passed by.

So I used purification first, I put a drop around his ear, all around, but not inside! I used downward motions because I wanted to see if I could drain the fluid that way. Then I put a drop of thieves over it. And for good measure, I used the headache roller that I made on Sunday because it had some of the ingredients in that I found online (like PanAway and Tea Tree). I made him put a pillow over his ear (applying heat is good too for the fluid to drain), too. He was better within an hour and hasn't complained since. I used this one more time, just to make sure.

Now why does this apply to homeschooling? It so does. My kids learn about plants and their natural healing power. They learn that medications have their place, but that we should try to improve our lives with natural remedies rather than popping a pill every time they tummy hurts - and trust me, kids say that a lot! Now my kids will ask to get some peppermint on their tummy. They ask for lavender when they have a cut. They also ask me to diffuse their favorite smell during school time: joy and peppermint. It smells so good that we have a hard time concentrating, lol.