09 March 2015

Day 35: The best aspect of homeschooling

If you asked me what was the most surprising aspect of homeschooling, I had to say that the above picture represents it well: the fact that I am not the only teacher to my children. I never anticipated that they would teach each other. Since last night, Coqui has decided to play 'babysitter' on his sisters, especially the younger one. He has given her a bath, dressed her, fed her breakfast, and taught her Math, phonics, and art. He had pleaded for me not to interrupt and that he could do it all on his own. My heart is melting just by writing this. Yes, I am proud, but also I am so happy by the bond they are creating, a bond I hope they will have for the rest of their lives, even after Mami and Daddy won't be around anymore. I am so blessed with these children and they are blessed with each other.