27 March 2015

Day 53: Peanut being an overcomer

I love Fridays because it is our field trip day. Today we got to go to the rodeo. We had a large group with many children and some more adults, who were all guided around the grounds for about three hours. We learned how a cow is milked, we saw a dog show and pig races, and we got to pet a bunch of super cute animals.

A total of three times, we went into that little area called a petting zoo. The first two times, it was just Coqui, Munchkin, and me. They are both not afraid of them and enjoyed feeding and stroking them. Peanut is a little bit scared and preferred to wait outside. Until the last time. She braved coming inside with us and ended up petting every animal from cow to goat to lama and even a kangaroo. She even fed one baby goat some food. What a big moment for her to overcome her fears. Big yeah.