13 March 2015

Day 39: How are bricks made?

I knew we would get dirty today!
Our field trip brought us to a local brick making factory. We had to wear safety gear, helmets and glasses. I am so glad it was a little fresh in the morning, so we had long pants and jackets on. The tour was led by a gentleman who has been in the business for quite sometime. He was knowledgeable and so patient with the kids. Usually, they only allow tours of fifteen people, we had 40 kids plus fourteen mamas! There were a lot of us. But he did awesome.

We walked the entire site, from where the clay comes into the plant, where it gets wet and made into a 'paste', then how it gets formed into a brick, where it is 'baked' to where it gets loaded onto trucks to bring the bricks to construction sites. In the picture above, you can see my two kids trying to break the brick. Could they do it? Yes, they could! Because the brick was still wet, so it could still get damaged. At the end of the tour, they even provided drinks and snacks for the kids. Did I mention this tour was for free? What a service. These guys out there work really hard every day, and yet, they were so accommodating to a bunch of kids, homeschooled kids! We did feel special.