28 February 2015

Day 26: Essential Oils have taken over

Today was a learning day for Mami.
A few months ago, I was introduced to essential oils, fell in love, and now can not stop using them. I started slowly, one oil at a time. Then I ventured out to new oils and more use for them. Now I use them for my entire family. Yesterday, I started made those 'fizzling toilet bombs' that needed to dry overnight. I followed this recipe, well almost. I only used about 20 drops total, so about seven each of purification, lavender, and lemon. 90 drops is way too much. They turned out great and I used one already. It made for a nice fizzling party in the toilet.

Today, I went to a Make and Take party to make more fun things, like sunscreen, bug spray, and lip balm. I can not wait to use all these wonderful things. Mostly, I am excited about the bug spray and the anti itch spray. Those have been on my wish list for a while.

I am using Young Living Oils because I believe in their products and in their natural purity. We diffuse them, we use them topically, and I use them internally. What I love best is that our entire family uses them, yes, kids and hubby, too. When the kids have a tummy ache, they ask for peppermint. When they get a bloody knee, they ask for lavender. And at night, they all get their nightly rub-on of their specific 'sleeping potion'. It's awesome and we love this.

Now I am learning every day how to replace everything in our house for natural stuff. I mean I have always been looking for natural versus chemicals or medications. I grew up hearing things like "grow some mint in the backyard to make tea when you have a cold" or "eat some honey for your cough". It was a lifestyle that I did not always embrace, but I am ready now. I am sure I will share more recipes in the future. SO stay tuned.....