13 February 2015

Day 010: A Birthday present paid off

Many years ago, this handsome man received a gift card for his second birthday. At the time, I think, I didn't even know what Chuck E Cheese was, so I put the card at a safe place. Yes, I did forget about it for a little while. Recently, I went through all our cards and found it again. And today was the day that we got to use it.

We had our annual Valentine's Party at this lovely loud place. Our homeschool group does it every year. The kids get to make and decorate their boxes and write out cards for all their friends, old and new. This year, I am happy to report that I did not write a single card, both big kids did all the work themselves.

Coqui was so excited about this field trip today. He played as long as I let him. Now his sisters do not enjoy the experience as much, but the little one discovered a few things that she did like to do and then she did them over and over. We might have another fan on our hands.

Happy Valentine's Day to you  all.