10 February 2015

Day 007: Not everything is academic

For the last three months, I am installing good habits in the kids with a chore chart that I made. I feel I do not really need to share ours as they are so many free ones out on the net, and every family's chart is personal and looks different. Nonetheless, I want my kids to make their beds in the morning, to start helping around the house, too, but I also want them to learn to take care of themselves, which means taking a bath, brushing their teeth, and combing/brushing their hair. Latter is quite an endeavor with my Peanut. Her hair is wavy and gets tangled very easily. So we've been working on her learning to brush it thoroughly and all around her head, not just on one side - lol.

Usually, she gets it done in a minute and I have to send her back to do a better job. But today, she came down with well brushed hair and an accessory. She was very proud of herself, too. She is and will always be my fashion girly.