24 February 2015

Day 21: The dolls are going to school

It's late but I have a picture to share......
I am sure some of you have heard about the movie Fro*zen that all the kids are obsessed with!? So are my kids! Yep. Last year, for her birthday, my Peanut just wanted one of those dolls. She never asks for things, so we bought her both. These days, they are going everywhere with her, from room to room, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, to bed, and yes, to school.

Peanut brought them along today, sat them on her desk, and declared that they needed to learn how to read and count. In Math, as seen above, she taught them addition, and in Spelling, Peanut told them how to spell. When Peanut was done with her 'stuff', she became the teacher for them, and went through all the subjects all over again.

Nothing will stick better than repetition. So today might have been the most effective day of the week.....