17 February 2015

Day 14: A History Fan

Tuesdays is one of our History days. Coqui LOVES history - but I think I mentioned this already. We are still using the first volume of The Story of the World. It's been two years ..... and honestly, we had been slacking a little bit last year. This year, I am determined to finish the book.

We start the lesson by ME reading the story of the chapter that we are starting. Coqui gets a coloring page while I am reading. Then we do the map work, so you kind of have a geography lesson included every time. Next, he has to retell the story in his own words and answer questions. And then we do whatever we want to. Sometimes it's a craft, or other times we work on our lapbook.

On the second day of the week, we review what we learned the first day, do some more hands-on activities, and take our test. Now I am not putting too much power into that test, but it is a great way to see what stuck and what we should repeat before moving onto the next chapter.

Today, Coqui could not get enough and I caught him reading some more chapters on his own. I love when this happens.