16 February 2015

Day 13: Draw and Write through history


Sometimes it is hard to include everything into our schedule. I mean there were literally 11 subjects on Coqui's agenda today. But we started off with his two favorites: history and art. And because he loves them so much, they take a lot of time. (Which leaves less time for the (what Mami thinks) more important subjects like Math and English.)

He loves history, so we read three different stories about Ancient Rome; all really exciting as they were about gladiators, Roman soldiers, wars, and such. Super interesting. We love our curriculum: Story of the world (read my post how history comes alive in our house). So there are coloring pages, map work, and crafts, maybe some additional reading, and almost always a lapbook that I add. Recently, I found this book: Draw and Write through history book 2.
Draw and Write Through History Book 1: Creation through JonahHere is a picture from their site:

We totally love these books, even better than the Write, Draw, Now series, which is all about drawing animals and learning about their different habit. They are not bad books, but my history lover prefers these history books. We have used it for our Greek lessons as well - you can see it here.

If you want to try a free lesson, you can find it under their link: Free lesson, or just click here. Not every child reacts well to this kind of instructions, but my want-to-be-perfect child finds it a lot easier to copy a "perfect" picture than trying to imagine his own. It works for him and builds up his confidence, and my prayer is that one day he will step away and start drawing his own imaginations.