23 February 2015

Day 20: Home-bound happiness

It was a cold day here and we had nowhere to go, so we stayed in our PJs most of the day, and did school in the living room by the fire place. Daddy stayed home from work as well. It was a nice family day with lots of school - we like to take advantage of being home-bound for a day to get as much 'done' as possible, so we can have easier days when we are more busy.

Munchkin is getting better at staying busy, too. She loves to color and is getting pretty good at it. And I am hoping that whatever she hears us talk about will sink in a little, so when it is her time to go through the material, she might remember.
She also likes to do puzzles, play with Math counters, do those threading animals, or play with shapes. I keep those in the school room, so she usually only plays them during 'school time'. It makes it special and she is looking forward to it, keeping her occupied while I am doing one-on-one time with one of the older kids.