20 February 2015

Day 17: Police Station Field Trip

This is one of those million reasons why we love to homeschool. Every Friday, we can join a few friends and go on a field trip. I feel like this year has been the year with the most exciting trips. Today, we got to go behind the scenes of a police station. The officer leading our tour was just awesome with the kids. He talked at their level, involved them into the conversation, and let them try out a few cool things.

The picture above shows them all doing push-ups in the exercise room. They also did sit-ups and got to punch the bag. We saw the juvenile jail, all kinds of different police cars, the emergency center, and the 911 calling center. The kids got a badge and a Frisbee to take home. The officer did a great job in portraying the image of the police as your friends and helper. We left with a feeling of having learned quite a bit about police work and the good work they do in our community.