22 February 2015

Day 19: Ticket To Ride

It was raining all day, as a matter of fact, the rain and wind are still going strong outside. What better way could we spend this day playing board games. Now we do play quite a bit, but I am always trying to squeeze in a little education. Lol. The kids are playing "Ticket to Ride: Nordic Countries". I have gotten this game many years ago and taught Coqui to play over the past few months. Today, Peanut wanted to join in.

The game takes place in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden. So we are learning Geography. Pronouncing the names can be a bit challenging, even for me. The players are to travel by train from city to city, taking a journey mostly over the countryside, but also through tunnels and with boats. They are doing so by collecting colorful wagons that add up to a train which is placed on the board and gains points. Once you complete an entire trip, you gain some more points.

It is a fun and easy game. The kids hear the foreign names over and over and learn where they are located on the map. Now it says that the game is targeted to ages 10-14, but really my five year old understood the purpose of the game and could follow along. It can take up to an hour though. So afterwards, we did some dancing to get the wiggles out.