11 April 2015

Day 68: The game of Carcassonne

We love board games in our family. It is a great teaching tool, and it provides quality family time.

So it should not surprise my readers that we have yet another games to share with you. It's name is Carcassonne by Rio Grande Games. This is a building game with 'small' tiles, almost like a puzzle that will look different each and every time. Carcassonne was a famous Roman medieval fortification in Southern France. In building with those tiles, one develops the area around Carcassonne and collects points in order to win the game. The players lay one tile each turn expanding the game area, building a landscape full of cities, roads, fields, and cloisters.

The Easter bunny just brought an addition to the basic game. The Inns and Cathedrals expansion adds a sixth player to the basic game. And it also lets you collect more points by adding a cathedral to the cities and an inn to a roads. The kids had lots of fun teaching this game to Opa (aka my Dad).