15 April 2015

Day 72: Cursive Writing Skillbook

Abeka's homeschool curriculum seems to put a big emphasis on penmanship. When we bought the entire box for the second grade, we received two penmanship books. Coqui was just starting, so we followed the teacher's manual at first just to realize that every day's workload was way too much. We cut it down significantly, and never finished the book.

But I liked their third grade book as well, so we bought the Cursive Writing Skillbook and added it to this year's curriculum. Last year, we worked through the first part of the book. Coqui learned about one animal in each lesson. He had copy some facts and then answer a question. He loved it and it covered some science for us.

This year, we moved to the second part which is more geography related. He learned about the territories of Canada and is now working on the fifty states of America. A state a day - so to speak. He finds out about it's capital, it's state bird, and state plant. Above, he is studying the state of Indiana, then finds it on the map and I also test him on the states learned in the days prior to today.

At the end of the lesson, he also copies some quotations or verses for character building. Each lesson focuses on the different character, like trustworthiness or kindness. I love this book.