24 April 2015

Day 81: Science Field trip

It's that time of the week again: field trip day. We had to get up early to be on the road and get to this amazing science museum. It was pretty much an all day trip that was so exhausting, but so fun. Once we got there, we saw a 3D movie. I can't remember my last time but it is many, many years ago, and only once. So this was exciting for me, but the kids loved the movie as well.

Then we got a tour of the museum to get an overview of what is there and how it works. Then we had an early lunch. After we had 'classes' where the kids were challenged to accomplish different tasks in science and engineering, like classifying animals, building a structure that withstands an earthquake, and partake in a study of identifying other planets. At the end, we were able to roam around the museum and try out everything in sight.

What a great trip and oh so educational. The kids had a blast learning and touching and seeing. I love our group so much. They have become my friends and the kids' friends, and we are doing this thing called homeschooling together. It makes it easier and funner. Once again, we are so blessed to be surrounded by like-minded people that we call friends.