08 April 2015

Day 65: American History taught by five cartoon characters

Recently, I picked up the above DVD of Liberty Kids. I had seen it before but never saw those in a store. When I first suggested watching it, my kids were like: "No, thank you. We are not interested in an educational TV program." I insisted on a history lesson via the screen and within minutes of starting it, my kids were glued to it. Every day since, my Coqui asks for those movies instead of their usual kids' shows. A winner!

The Liberty Kids is a fictional cartoon that teaches about the origins of American history, something that I am not that familiar with myself. There are five main characters: Ben who is Benjamin Franklin, and four made-up people that help bring those stories come to life. Besides Mr. Franklin, there are a ton of other historical characters in different episodes. The first one started with Boston's Tea Party and the last will be about the Philadelphia Convention.

I am glad that my kids will be introduced to their American history in such a fun way. And I can't wait until we study it all in class in more depth.