07 April 2015

Day 64: A Decimal Problem

Coqui always claims that he doesn't like Math, but that is only because he doesn't like to repeat the same old problems over and over. I totally get it because if you are lucky to get Math than those repetitions are tedious and annoying. I make him do it anyways, at least to an extend. He has to prove to me with two problems that he understands what he is doing and I let him 'get off the hook'.

Yesterday, he had a 'bad' chapter test which made me realize, maybe he did not understood it as well as he claimed. And by 'bad' test, I mean it was a 72 which is not normal to him. So I got the book out and our Math manipulative, the only once we have because he usually doesn't need them. And I explained away. We had fun with those little fraction pieces. And it wasn't the fraction part he didn't get, it was the conversion into decimal numbers. At the end, he mastered it and I think he will get a better test next time. Proud of my boy.

In case you are wondering, we are using a mix of Math books. We had been using Abeka for years and finally had enough of the drills, so we switched to BJU, Bob Jones University, just to realize that they are 'behind'. We are in the process of testing him for Teaching Textbooks, so far he has surpassed even my expectations, which means that they are 'behind', too. Looking for a better fit for us can be tiring but I want the best for him. He needs the challenge, even if he doesn't like the 'work'. So after those tests, we will test him for Singapore Math. They are known to be 'advanced', so I have a feeling that we will end up using that.