28 April 2015

Day 85: Science Games Galore

I bought this book a while back when I was not sure which science curriculum I would use. I liked the idea of learning by playing. So in this book, there are several sets of matching card games across all of science. It covers animals, moon phases, habitats, and, as you see, adaptations. You play it just like a normal matching game, just that here, the picture has to match a certain text that explains what the student it suppose to learn. For instance, that the geese migrate to the south, that the snakes makes a sound to protect from predators, or that the walking stick can blend in with it's environment (aka camouflage).

It's a fun way to repeat and/or learn more about general science. We play it once in a while and have not used all the sets yet, so we are stretching the book a bit. Wonderful resource.