26 April 2012

Lifelist accomplishment #18

#18 "Been horse back riding - with the Navajo Indians through Monument Valley"

It was that glorious summer of 2001. It was hot in the valley. But our spirits were high. A dream of mine would come true. Oh the excitement. I could not wait. And yet, I was a little nervous. I had never been on a horse in my life - it's a little hard when one grows up in the city - I felt intimidated and exhilarated at the same time. When this opportunity 'knocked on the door', I couldn't say no, no matter the cost.
We would be riding with the Navajo Indians through Monument Valley. WOW.
The journey on horseback took about three to four hours. I can't remember. Well, we took it easy - no galloping through the prairie!
Once we got there, we were given an Indian dinner, got to see Indian tribal dances, and slept under the stars for the entire night. In the morning, we got up before the sun did, rode in jeeps out to a spot where the sunrise is suppose to be extra beautiful. So we got to see that, drove back to the camp, and climbed back on that horse to ride all the way back out of the valley.
It was a fantastic experience.


C. Beth said...

I haven't done much horseback riding, and it's been years. But I remember really enjoying it...would love to go again sometime!