10 March 2011

Life List or Dream List

I saw this list at someone's blog, and I knew I had to "steal" it and use it here. I always had a list of short-term and long-term goals, just not a name for it, like Life List. It's fun to see what I have accomplished already - it makes me feel less of a failure. The lady had some rules to it, I don't want to do that. But I actually came up with two lists instead, one of accomplishments, the other of dreams and goals for my future.

Also, she called it a Life List because she wanted to make a point as to have dreams come true in a lifetime, not working towards death. I agree. Bucket List is also not a very nice title. So I go with Life list, or maybe Dream List. I can change things if I want to, like when I think something is not that important to me anymore, I can remove it and add something else. Life is ever so changing, so my list can be as well.

So without further ado, here is my list:
  1. Write and publish a book - not sure if that would be a children's book or a more serious one
  2. Go to the Olympics - summer or winter
  3. Put my feet in each ocean
  4. Start my own business
  5. Talk with a homeless person and help out
  6. Get over my fear of public speaking
  7. Visit each of the 50 states (of the USA)
  8. Train and run in a race, preferably a half-marathon, or even a marathon
  9. Anonymously pay for someone else's meal at a restaurant
  10. Sit on and drive a motorcycle
  11. Learn to play the piano (correctly!)
  12. Swim with dolphins
  13. Go on a helicopter ride
  14. Hike up to Machu Picchu
  15. Walk on the Great Wall of China
  16.  See the Pyramids in Egypt and ride on a camel
  17.  See the Taj Mahal in India
  18. Go to Rome and see the Colosseum
  19. See the Hagia Sophia (in Turkey)
  20. Go to Jerusalem and the Holy Land
  21. Visit Australia
  22. Go snorkeling - preferably at Great Barrier Reef
  23. Learn to say "hello" in 50 languages
  24. Have a library in my house (one room just filled with books!)
  25. Reach and maintain my ideal weight for the rest of my life
  26. Ride a gondola in Venice
  27. Go sailing on a real sailboat, maybe even around the world
  28. Be in a hot-air balloon
  29. Make a huge change in someone's life
  30. Go on a cruise (a real one, not just the two-hour sunset cruise I did already!)
  31. Visit every continent
  32. Be a mentor to someone
  33. Plan and execute a 365-day photo shoot
  34. Have my portrait painted
  35. Volunteer at a soup kitchen
  36. Teach German in a foreign country
  37. Cross a glacier on foot
  38. Make a Family Tree at least four generations back
  39. Write some kind of biography
  40. Pilgrimage to Santiago de Compostela
  41. Learn Hebrew
  42. Have my own Photography Exhibition
  43. Climb Mount Kilimanjaro (Tanzania, Africa)
  44. Go to a Fashion Show
  45. Read ten thousand books
  46. Host a dinner party
  47. Visit Stonehenge
  48. See a Highland castle (in Scotland)
  49. Go whale-watching
  50. Donate money and put my name on something like a bench or brick
Okay, after that wish list, I have come up with a list of things that have happened already, so it's more of an accomplishment list. Things I have done so far:
  1. Survived Cancer
  2. Danced in the rain
  3. Driven across the United States from coast to coast, and back
  4. Skipped school
  5. Eye witnessed an historic event (the fall of the Berlin Wall & 9/11)
  6. Gone skydiving
  7. Lived in more than one country
  8. Flown a kite
  9. Watched the sunrise / sunset 
  10. Visited Ground Zero
  11. Sang Karaoke (in New Orleans on 9/11)
  12. Be in NYC on New Year's Eve
  13. Seen a falling star and made a wish
  14. Attended a Wine Tasting at a winery
  15. Visited the Grand Canyon
  16. Placed a bet in Las Vegas
  17. Ridden on a San Francisco cable car
  18. Been horse back riding - with the Navajo Indians through Monument Valley
  19. Traveled by train through three countries 
  20. Been in a rainforest
  21. Gone to school in a different country
  22. Swam in the Mediterranean Sea
  23. Been White Water Rafting
  24. Sewn an actual garment (here, and here, and here, and here)
  25. Climbed the Eiffel Tower
  26. Witnessed a solar eclipse 
  27. Slept under the stars
  28. Seen the Tour de France live
  29. Planted a tree
  30. Wrote my will
  31. Spent a whole (!) day reading
  32. Drove the Autobahn - no speed limit
  33. Published one of my photographs in a magazine
  34. Be a mom
  35. Bathed in a hot spring
  36. Learned how to bake bread
  37. Ran a 5K as a timed runner (in NYC)
  38. Seen a child being born
  39. Drive along Route 66 (USA)
  40. Drove a convertible with the top down 
  41. Seen Mont Saint Michel (France), Notre Dame, and Sacre Coeur 
  42. Dyed my hair red
So this list is a little shorter, it makes me feel like I have done some things in my life. I guess, once again, I can say that I feel so blessed. Now I have to work on some of those goals....

What about you? Do you have dreams and goals in your life? What is it (if you want to share)?


    C. Beth said...

    Your list of things you've done is very impressive--and your list of things to do is very exciting!!