29 April 2012

To Be Or Not To Be.... an American

This is a fun post about my life experience here in the States. I am a fan of this country - I am blessed to be able to live here, I love my life here and the possibilities this country offers me and my family.
I am happy where I am and anything said in this post is suppose to be funny or ironic or simply 'odd' to the spectator (me). So please enjoy:

Ten signs that I could pass as an American:
  1. I love how people stand up for others over here - it gives the word 'selfless' a real meaning and for me it's an incredible life experience. I have never been so blessed through other people, friends and even acquaintances, like here in the US. It's quite refreshing and has blessed my life on days when I really needed it and on days when I least expected it.
  2. I really LOVE my automatic car! 
  3. I can (and love) homeschooling - I would go to jail for that back home.
  4. I got used to the drive-throughs (bank, food, ...etc) - it's so convenient especially with children (but it's also so lazy).
  5. I really enjoy getting my pedicures - so relaxing (try to find that back home!?).
  6. Cheap gas is just one of those fantastic freedoms to enjoy over here - I mean, we still complain how expensive it has gotten, but believe me, it's nowhere near what Europeans have to pay at the pump!
  7. Vegan-ism and it's possibility - I had a real hard time finding any food last time I visited Germany - glad I don't have to starve here....
  8. the availability of long opening hours at the stores, even if I don't take advantage of it; 24/7 just doesn't exist in Europe (at least it didn't when I left a decade ago)
  9. I love the idea of the melting pot - at the same time, I love the American spirit of unison (and sometimes I even include myself) - this patriotism is very unique in this world (and worth copying!)
  10. I love the freedom of religions - I love my God and I can show it when- and wherever I want.

Ten things to prove that I am not fully ready to be a citizen - yet:
  1. I do NOT like air conditioning. I believe that God created our bodies to adjust to summer and winter temperatures, without modern technology.
  2. I don't wear white tennis socks. Ever!
  3. I like to go to the park whenever I want, day or night! (parks in Europe don't close.... - if you live on the east coast, you will understand!)
  4. I will never be superficial - I am a pretty straight forward person, to the point of being too frank at times, but lying just doesn't appeal to me at all.
  5. I miss walking and hiking and riding my bike..... in this big country, everything is by car!
  6. I don't like the low speed limits - one can never fully drive the car to it's capacity! The Autobahn is still the greatest ting invented..... (car-speaking!)
  7. I will never get into sports like most Americans do - to me it's a bunch of people running after a ball (or hitting it I guess). Sorry.
  8. sometimes, I like to relax! No, as an American, you won't get it - I mean truly relax, in a quiet place, no shopping (not even online), no TV, no pressure of having to do anything.... just relaxing and enjoying life, nature, and family. 
  9. I will NEVER get the old English Imperial system! It makes NO sense whatsoever! I very much prefer the metric system and it's logic.
    This also goes for the time issue of not using the full 24 hours of the day.....
  10. I think they don't have enough holidays here in America - or at least days off from work (hahaha)


C. Beth said...

I wish we did use the metric system. It would be a tough transition in some ways. (It's a lot easier for me to picture 12 inches than 10 cm.) But the metric system makes SO much more sense.

jolav.blog said...

I love this post - and will offer some unsolicited feedback, if I may -
you are VERY American, cos you're open, tolerant and curious. Also, cos you're positive. Even though some other nations share these traits, Americans wear these on their sleeves. You're also initiative, which has let you thrive in an all-business environment. You're a super hard worker (and I know that!); You adapt (not sure, if this one is uber American, but it helps..)

On the other hand - air conditioning does suck, that's just the truth! lol! Imperial system is tricky,- that's why Canada has both (food is in pounds, distance in Kms), not supporting those does not make you any less American. Neither does the white sock thing... we both knew plenty of Americans, who do not wear white socks, nor owned denim... To Be is my vote. xo