26 April 2012

Dads do things differently

Last night, I got to enjoy a girl's night out, while the Hubby stayed home (again) to watch the kids and put them to bed. When he wanted to eat his dinner, the kids begged to eat something with him - even though I had fed them already. After (apparently) much arguing, they could finally agree on some yoghurt. And here comes the problem - and the solution.

There was only one of each kind of yoghurt.

My kids used to love yoghurt, and then..... stopped eating it altogether, which is so frustrating to me, because I think it is such a great healthy desert - when your kids are really into deserts! So in order to get them to eat it again, I had bought the ones with toppings - you know: Oreo crushings, or M&Ms. So back to my story, there was only one of each left.

What would Mami do?
I would make them choose! Kids have to learn how to make choices, because every day, we, as adults, have to make choices. So that's what I would have done.

What does Daddy do?
He opens both yoghurts, opens both toppings, and shares them! So each child got a yoghurt with both, M&Ms and Oreo crushing. Daddy is awesome.

I, personally, would have never thought of this! Seriously, sometimes, my brain is in such a fog that I would just not think of these solutions. But the Hubby is quite creative, so that was HIS solution. And he said that the kids were super happy with that and readily ate their yoghurt without complaining.

Great Daddy-ing!!!


C. Beth said...

Brilliant solution! :) Sometimes Daddy's instincts are perfect!