23 April 2012

Lifelist Accomplishment #11

Lifelist # 11 "Sang Karaoke (in New Orleans on 9/11)"

If you read my post about the ten's anniversary of 9/11, you know where I was on that fateful morning. We were traveling around the country, and on that morning we were leaving for New Orleans, from where I was to catch an airplane to fly back to New Jersey. Well, I never made it. But what I did instead was go out in the 'dead' and 'sad' city of New Orleans, with a bunch of Europeans who were more or less oblivious to the current events that shook me to the core!

We went out to dinner at a nice little restaurant, and then ended up in a Karaoke bar somewhere near Bourbon Street. The bar was not very packed and I guess we were more daring than usual:
We were singing to "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!" from Shania Twain. It was actually fun for those five minutes of fame (and I could forget the dreadfulness of that day for a little time).


jolav.blog said...

OMG - that's an epic skirt! (I hope you kept it..)
YEah, would not have been the easiest thing to do, having in mind what day that was. But, it is great you did it nonetheless.