01 April 2012

A Garden For Everyone

Good morning everyone,
I hope you have a blessed Sunday. I wanted to share this devotional that I received yesterday - it's awesome!

The Lord will guide you always; He will satisfy your needs in a sun-scorched land and will strengthen your frame.  You will be like a well-watered garden, like a spring whose waters never fail.  
(Isaiah 58:11 NIV)
Though this is a great verse that immediately became a part of my declarations, I am excited about what follows now. I don't have a green thumb - even though my favorite color is green, and my favorite season is spring - I tend to 'kill' most plants that are under my care.
That's why I am so excited about this type of garden that God wants us to plant anywhere or at anytime of the year - it doesn't have to be spring.  And God is meeting us wherever we are, so I hope you will enjoy this special
garden as much as I did when I read it yesterday. 

Here are the instructions for planting it:

Plant Three Rows Of Peas  -  For The Garden Of Your Daily Living:
     1. PEACE Of Mind
     2. PEACE Of Heart
     3. PEACE Of Soul

Plant Four Rows Of Squash:
     1. Squash gossip
     2. Squash indifference
     3. Squash grumbling
     4. Squash selfishness

Plant Four Rows Of Lettuce;
     1. Lettuce be faithful
     2. Lettuce be kind
     3. Lettuce be patient
     4. Lettuce really love one another

Now No Garden Should Be Without Turnips - so Plant 3 Rows Of Turnips;
     1. Turnip for meetings
     2. Turnip for service
     3. Turnip to help one another

Finally, Your Garden Must Have Thyme;
     1. Thyme for each other
     2. Thyme for family
     3. Thyme for friends
     4. Thyme for prayer

Water Freely With Patience and Cultivate With LOVE.

There should be much fruit in your garden, after all "We Reap What We Sow."  Therefore "Happy Gardening," everyone.


C. Beth said...

That's clever! :)