30 April 2012


I am not sure where to start - my writing has been sporadic, and there is a reason:
We are taking advantage of this beautiful spring weather, and the fact that traveling is still easy before the baby comes. So we have been out and about many times these past weeks.

Let me start with Easter.
I always feel let down by the 'American way' of (not) celebrating Easter (enough). Back home, Easter lasts for at least five full days, and it's a fond memory for me to remember the family gathering and the egg coloring, the walks and the gift hunting. So when I came to America, I felt like it's a holiday that is barely recognized. When I became a Christian - I thought, this holiday needs some revival because it should be the biggest Christian holiday celebrated. Really! So in past year's, I have been disappointed when Easter came and passed as if it was not a big deal. Seriously, in some parts of this country, Memorial Day and Labor Day are celebrated more than Easter....
So I was glad that this year, we had a very nice Good Friday Service at church. It was beautiful to start the Easter weekend. That was followed by our family's Easter egg hunt at our house. Here is a picture of the kids, all ready and pumped up to race for the egss.....
Mema and Tia came to visit for Easter, so they could see the kids and share their excitement. It was a packed but fun weekend. So for the Easter egg hunt, we hid the eggs filled with candy in the backyard, and the kids had a blast. While they were doing that, I sneaked in the house and hid the real gifts..... The kids loved every single gift and pretty much played for the rest of the day. I love to see their faces brightened with smiles. It's such a joy.
Here is a picture with Peanut wearing half her new cowgirl outfit. She loves the boots especially.

On Sunday, we went to church. A picture of Beth and Peanut before the service - their dresses kind of matched. We had a special service for the children, an Easter play, written by my beautiful best friend Beth, and performed by her and a 'secret' actor.  The kids totally enjoyed the show and the shooting - not with guns - we had eggs flying through the air.

And in the afternoon, we went to a friend's house to celebrate with our church family. The kids had a big play date with all their friends, and we adults could have some time together as well. It was fun and relaxing.

It was the best Easter ever that I got to celebrate her in the states. It was relaxing and yet, we were constantly surrounded by loved ones, family and friends. These are those moments when I feel so blessed to have people around me that I love and that love me back. Truly blessed that God has brought us to this place - it's pretty awesome. Easter and spring are just a reminder that God can renew things, He can turn around all things into something good to those who love Him, He can restore, and He keeps His promises that we will prosper...... well, I felt like that on that weekend.


C. Beth said...

Yay! I'm glad this year Easter was more of what you wanted it to be!