07 July 2011

The second skirt one is done

Last week, I made a skirt for Peanut and I wrote a post about it here. Last night, I finally finished the second one that has the same fabric patterns, but opposite to the first one.

I have to say, and the Hubby agrees, that the second one turned out much nicer. See for yourself:
 It took me much longer than the anticipated 15 minutes from "To Sew With Love" - more like two hours. But I had so much fun, learned a lot and it looks great - I think.
 Peanut was in modeling mood this morning.... even though the skirt came off as soon as I put the camera down. At least she is smiling....
 Here are the two skirts next to each other...
And Peanut wanted to show off the first one as well....

Here is the original post from To Sew With Love again, for anyone who wants to try it out. She wrote an awesome tutorial, easy to follow, and easy to DIY (do-it-yourself).


C. Beth said...

I agree; they are both cute but I definitely like the 2nd better. So cute!

TiffanyAnn said...

Agreed...again, I love the fabric. :o)

To Sew With Love said...

Your princess looks so cute with both skirts but I also think the second one looks cuter ^^) I am glad you liked the tutorial and thanks for sharing your lovely creations!

Have a lovely weekend!


To Sew With Love said...

thanks for partying with us and I hope to see you again this week! Can't wait to see what you'd be sharing with us!

have a lovely weekend!