09 March 2011

Home Sweet Home

We are back home! Yeah....

After a long day of flying and a long say of settling in, I am back online, ready to write of our adventures. But first, I feel I need to update you on things what my kids are doing these days:

Coqui was a good boy, doing school (almost) every day at grandma's house. I also got to spend some money at the closing Borders in Jersey, for some homeschooling books - yippy!
He had so much fun with Mema, Buelo, and Tia. He also got to see some of his cousins, and some of my friends' kids. So he had plenty of time to interact with lots of different people - such a social bug!
He got to play in (a tiny bit of) snow - made snow angels and a micro snow lady. he got to go to the beach, on the coldest day we were there - 28 degrees - but he had fun making "snow" angels in the sand and built a sand castle.

Peanut has been talking up a storm and learns new words every day - some come out pretty clear, others sound pretty funny (or awful). Coqui is still her best friend and she is so lost without him. She could care less about all the other people she met - even though she got pretty attached to her Mema.
She can climb up and down stairs now, all by herself, like a big girl. She loved to run around in circles with Buelo, right before bedtime.
But the biggest change is that she is not having her night bottle anymore! Yeah, for me. That was one of the two things I needed to work on, but she is so stubborn. So one night, she didn't listen and I had to "punish" her in putting her in her bed, standing up, until she was doing what I asked her to do. Nope, she had no intentions of doing so, so I told her she will go to bed without the bottle. Apparently that was not important enough to say sorry to her aunt after throwing toys at her. So she went to bed without that stupid bottle, and the night after and after that too..... she is still asking for it but there is no way I give it back to her! Enough.

So yeah, that's pretty good. I got to run alot, and train for my first official 5K. I got to go shopping without the kids. There was even a sleepover at Tia's house, without the kids. I got to see some of my friends, the closest ones and the most important ones! So I am happy. But I am also happy to be back home, in my own house, in my own bed, and with my husband.

Home Sweet Home.


C. Beth said...

I'm so glad you are HOME! I missed you. :) It sounds like it was a great trip!