10 May 2012

Lifelist Accomplishment #20

Lifelist #20 - "Been in a Rain Forest"

At first, I was not sure what to think of a rainforest. I mean where I come from, there is just none nowhere near my town, region, or actually country! I am not a big fan of rain, so a rainforest doesn't sound that inviting to me. Also, I don't like bugs or little critters, and my image was a crawling floor with birds flying all around.

Reality was not quite like that at all. It was in Puerto Rico in 2010, when we went to El Yunque for a day trip. It was inviting, clean and no bugs at all. Almost disappointing 'normal'.  One of the magazines quoted it as an excellent first encounter because it is a 'very gentle forest'. Yes, it was!
It was a beautiful experience. We saw many, many waterfalls, took a hike down and up a trail, and saw lots of magnificent flowers of all colors, trees that I had never seen before, and a few frogs present along the trail.
I will return and maybe climb one the summits.


C. Beth said...

That's beautiful! And yes, it does sound like a good "introductory rain forest."