22 November 2010


Okay, lately, I am feeling like an advertisement company... and so here I go again with yet another product of great value in my life. Okay, okay, that is a little much.... but hear me out!

As you might know, I am cloth diapering my daughter. (read here about it and here) Trying to be efficient, I did some research and found out, back in the day, that you need to wash these diapers in special detergent. I know that scared a lot of people off. But because I am shopping at a certain grocery store like every week, I didn't mind picking it up there. It works great for the smell and also for the dirty business that those diapers have to endure.

Now I have to admit that it kind of threw me off at first that this detergent didn't smell. What I mean is it didn't stink like perfume. We used the wonderful brand Tide for the past five years and we were happy. Then a friend of mine found an article about that particular brand having the highest amount of some cancer-causing ingredient of all tested detergents. Mmmh, could that be? So that scared me a little and I thought to myself, why not using the detergent from the CDs for all my clothes. As I said, it kind of was weird to pull them out of the machine and it didn't smell like a Douglas store....

But then I got to see some of the washing results. It was amazing what this detergent can do! I mean next to pee that had been sitting in the pail for two days, and the poop, it also removed berry stains of the worst kind without any pre-treatment! Usually when I have a bad stain, I would use some stain remover and let it sit. Not anymore! I wash it when I get to it, with this wonderful detergent. And it comes out!

So not only am I doing a good thing for the environment but also for ourselves and our health. So I have to buy less 'chemicals' that goes on our clothes and eventually on our skin. To top that off, this detergent needs only a tiny cap (not cup!) full of detergent. It is about the same price like the one we used before. So I think at the end, I might actually safe some money here... Great!

So I am in love and never will go back!


C. Beth said...

Hmm, that sounds like it's worth trying! Thanks for the review!