01 November 2010

Silent Advertising

Yesterday, we flew back home from our mini vacation - by Southwest Airlines. We love them and they are a great airline. They are cheap, your bags fly for free - well, at least you don't have to pay extra for them - and one gets drinks and snacks, complementary - which seems to be rare these days. I mean, flying has become (almost) a luxury! One has to pay for the (sometimes very expensive) tickets, for the bags, for the snacks, etc. Next thing will be the air on the plane! Or the use of the bathroom. Seriously, it is not fun. And the airlines still complain about loosing costs and lack of profits. How? I wonder.

So when we took this fantastic airline to come home, we saw something unbelievable. Apparently, flying on Halloween - celebrating it or not - you get a free drink, I mean the alcoholic kind. So the hubby and I asked the flight attendant, if that is for real. Because of course there is lots of small print involved, one of them saying: "if supply last". We were sure that they had nothing left of that supply on an afternoon flight. But the guy 'sighed' and then said yes. So we enjoyed our very free, very strong drink. It was awesome.