25 November 2010


The hubby and I went to a football game on Saturday. You know that they don't allow purses or bags in the stadium, or at least we didn't want to deal with security and such hassles. So I gave the Hubby my ID and my phone. Well, guess what happened! I never got my ID back. And this has happened to me before. Try traveling with babies and toddlers. When I have to fly and go through security, I usually stick my purse in the suitcase and put my wallet in the backpack that I carry with the kids' stuff. It usually takes me up to a week to remember to put my ID back in my purse, so I don't drive without a license.

So driving without a license is against the law and you can get a penalty for it. Right? So on Monday (and Tuesday), I was driving and just before I reached my destination, I remembered that I drove without my license! Oh bummer.... guess when I remembered? When I saw the cop in front of me of course! So of course, on my way back, I drove as nice as I could. That means for me, that I have to drive the speed limit. I am sorry, I am German and this one is really hard for me. Most times, I drive with cruise control, because I have a 'heavy foot'. So that day, and the next, I forced myself to drive just under the speed limit. It's hard.

And here comes my point of why I even wanted to write this. While I was driving so 'slow' down my way, I was thinking: if I was a cop, a person driving BELOW the speed limit would be much more suspicious than a person driving just a little over! Don't you agree? I mean the speed limits over here (in this beautiful country that I love) are just so SLOW!!! It is hard to drive this slow. So if you decide to drive even slower than that, there must be something wrong with you or your car, right? Oh well. I guess I got used to it in the past ten years.

Drive safe, and with a license!