15 February 2010

peanut's new diapers - REVISED

Most of the time, I am doing CD which stands for Cloth diapering. I got a bunch of diapers from my neighbor: mostly the old fashioned prefold diapers, you know the ones that are rectangles and you have to fold them on the baby and use a snappi fasteners to secure them...

I say most of the time because sometimes it is just pure convenience of not doing it. And the other thing is night time. I tried it once and my baby girl woke up screaming because she was completely drenched in her diaper and (!)her clothes. So never again I said, as she is sleeping through the night and I just don't feel like changing diapers at night!!! So disposable it is....

Over the holidays, with all those people in my house, I did not always get to do it either. (also because I already had to wash for ... too many people!)
But I did take advantage of having them here to go to the Austin Baby Store to get some more supplies.... I had bought a couple of my own before. Like the Fuzzi Bunz which are pocket diapers, or fitted diapers that look like a Huggies out of fabric. In the last three months, I have to come to like those the most. So I wanted more...

Well, recently, they must have added a couple of rags with used stuff... yeah I know that doesn't sound right when it comes to diapers that touches your baby's private areas.... BUT I have to say that even though it stroke me odd, I looked into it. And of course, if the diaper is so soiled that I would throw it out at home, I wouldn't take it. But there were a few once that looks great, white as snow and I took them. Just to try different brands, shapes and such.... so I found those Kushies diapers that have become a big fan of.

So the last couple of nights I have spend searching the internet for all the options that are out there, and I am shocked at how many they are.... plenty of moms even have gone to sewing their own diapers - wow! Okay, I am experimenting with my new sewing machine as well, but I am not sure if I can do that.... There are also plenty of little businesses out there, one can order from. Still I like going there physically and look around the store - one never knows what one can find.... (and spend more money on!?!).

So I am still experimenting, researching, and looking around what I like the most. Because with sloth diapers, it has become much more convenient than what our parents had to deal with!!! I am very happy going this way, because I love protecting the environment... and hope to potty train this child a little earlier than the last one... let's hope it'll work.