05 November 2010

Can it be?

Dear Reader,

today I want to share my Mami pride and joy: my daughter's development. What I mean by that is how fast she seems to grow and mature. With the first child, one is so busy to catch every 'new' thing they do, trying to catch it on camera, writing it down in the memory book, following it with the 'the first year' book - whatever it is, we try to help that child along in every step. We try to encourage it and show him/her what needs to be learned.

With the second, it seems, things go all by themselves. I mean I was not that surprised when she walked early. But I am surprised that she decided - just last week - on her own (!) that she doesn't like baby food anymore - she refuses it every time I offer it. She only has like eight teeth, not enough to eat everything. But it seems not to bother her. She wants it all! And to top that, she doesn't want to be fed anymore. She gets so mad when you try to feed her that she actually knocks the bowl of cereal out of my hand. Yeah, she is a handful.

Then she picks up things that her brother does - I never thought this would happen. I am sure I am boring to all those moms with four kids but to me it is so amazing to see. She plays with cars, holds airplanes up in the air, puts blocks on top of others and tries to do puzzles. Coqui never played in sand before age two or so, she knows exactly what to do! On the playground, she is on top of it all. I mean she doesn't even glance at the small slide, no, she has to be on the tallest slide with brother and friends. Scary and amazing. She knows EXACTLY what she wants, that's for sure.

Proud Mami


C. Beth said...

Interesting; Zoodle wanted to be an early self-feeder too. Messy at first, but boy is it nice when they get the hang of it!!