30 November 2010

Bad Girl

So today's post on Facebook was something like this: "Today, I am not a big fan of my daughter."

Oh yes. This is true. She is amazing at pushing ALL my buttons. You tell her not to do something and she has to go back again and again. I know this is part of this stage. Coqui did some of it, too. BUT he stopped after getting his hands slapped once or twice. He really did. It's not my bad memory. Her? Not at all. She keeps going. And sometimes, she does it looking at you (or in that case me), smiling. Now there you know that she knows better but chooses to do it anyway....

It's so frustrating.

So today, it just seemed to be a little more than usual. Pushing my buttons all day long. For instance, throwing a fit because I want to feed her her morning cereal. Dumping her lunch, plate and all, on the floor because, I guess, she didn't like it. Getting into her brother's draws and pulling out all his clothes. Screaming inside the store over and over, even after being told not to. Touching shoes constantly. (And I mean, shoes are just so filthy!) Etc.... etc.....etc.....
But to top ALL that off, tonight, she pulled off her dirty diaper. After dinner, I had to still make the hubby's dinner who came late from work. So the kids were playing downstairs, and I had to step outside to get the food form the grill. In that instance, she pulled off her poopie diaper and smeared it all over the kitchen floor. Now there, I was mad!!! I was enraged! And I had to spank her for that. After that, I dropped her into the tub and washed her. And then we had an hour of somewhat normality, until she went to bed.

Now, please, someone, explain to me why??? Why is she not listening? Why is she choosing punishment over complying? Why did God think I needed her to be like this?Is because I can pay less attention to her because there are two of them now? Or is it just her? Why does she think this is funny?
Don't get me wrong, I LOVE her! I love her with all my heart. I wanted her and I still want her. I just also want her to listen! So we can have fun!!! Together! Not just Coqui and me.

So I guess my prayer for tonight is that tomorrow will be a better day! Amen.