13 June 2010

This is my other new idea.
As most of you know, I am an immigrant to this country. Of course, coming here ten years ago, I suffered from total culture shock. It didn't start right away, but probably after two or three months. Back then, I wrote down all the 'odd' things that I encountered in this strange country. Now my hubby tells me that I am more American in some ways than the 'real' American. But then again, ALL Americans were once immigrants....

So here is my disclaimer: I LOVE this country. I wanted to move here, I wanted to stay here and I want to stay here forever. It is my choice and I love being here. So the things that I will mention here, are things that are different from where I grew up. Things that are strange to me, or at least were strange to me back in the day. Now I might have gotten used to it. Some of it I like now, some is still a little weird. But nonetheless, I like being here! And just like I disagree with some things happening in my birth country, there are things here that I disagree with as well. It has nothing to do with the country, but rather with what the people do to it! It happens all over the world, in some countries alot, in others just a little bit.

So please just sit back and relax and enjoy what I have to scribe about.