02 June 2010

My neighbor

I have a neighbor and she is great. We met about two and a half years ago. And it started off more like being acquaintances rather than friends. Now we are friends and I love to have a friend so close by. Our kids are pretty close in ages, too, so that works out great for play dates and Mami-talking-time at the same time.

She is the one that introduced Veganism to me and I am thankful for that. It changed how I eat and being around her, it encourages me not to give it up. I mean the temptations are big and it would be so easy to fall back and give in. But she shows me that there are so many choices in eating yummy stuff, and also not so healthy cakes and cookies. That makes it easier to stick with it.

Sometimes, we have these amazing days together, where we just hang out all day. It was about two weeks ago - I meant to write about it for a while, but life just constantly caught up with me.... I had her daughter while she went to yoga class. When she stopped to pick her up, the little girl did not want to go home, so they ate lunch over here and even had quiet time together! Then we went to their house for a swim in the (baby) pool. ALL the kids had a blast and so did we, when they started splashing us with the hose.... After that, we had popsicles and just dried off. When it was time to go home, her daughter wanted to come back to our house, so I took her for about an hour. We spend all day together, the kids played together like siblings and we had an awesome time just talking and chatting and sharing dreams. It felt so good that day!!!

Also, we have started a baby/kids swap. She is having my kids for one morning for about an hour and a half. And I get her daughter for one morning (or afternoon) for about two hours and fifteen minutes. I give her a little extra time because her little one is no burden to me, compared to my two kiddos.... it is a little more work for her, especially because Peanut is still small. But it is such an awesome gift for the both of us. The kids know her and feel safe around her, even Peanut!!! And that means alot.

So this morning, I am off to the gym.... hopefully running a little (I don't feel much like it), but definitely speed walking.