19 June 2010

I have 4 children now!

The last couple of days, Coqui has rediscovered his two mice that he brought back from New Jersey, I believe, a year ago. They were his aunt's.
So two nights ago, I had to go through the entire bedtime routine with those two mice and (!) Coqui. That means: put PJs on them, brush their teeth and, of course, they had to go pee pee and poopies when Coqui had to go!
Coqui read them a good night story and then he wanted to sleep on the floor with them. That didn't work and after getting up multiple times, I told him that they could sleep in his bed. Oh yeah.....
And this whole routine takes twice as much time as it usually does, and Coqui's routine is not short! It takes about 30 to 45 minutes until he is finally in his bed and asleep. I don't mind because that is just HIS time to us all alone. Peanut is usually sleeping. So he has Mami and Daddy all to himself. And that is okay in my book (and his I guess!).

In the morning, I thought he would have forgotten about them. Oh no!He woke up and immediately grabbed the mice, oh by the way their names are BoyMouse and GirlMouse. I make Coqui take off his PJs right away after getting up, so the mice had to do the same thing. They needed new day outfits of course. And then they had to have their breakfast. Coqui put everything on the table, they each got a different kind of cereal and they had to eat all their food before playing.
(In the meantime, I have a baby in the house that needs to be taken care off as well. She wants her bottle and breakfast,too!)
So when Peanut went down for her first nap, I found Coqui downstairs homeschooling his two mice, declaring: "Today, I am the teacher, Mami."