01 June 2010


Today's post is about my favorite color: GREEN or rather 'being green'. I am a little late for earth day, but I believe every day should be earth day anyway!!!

There are three great ways that WE can help protect our environment! And that is:

Reduce - Reuse - Recycle.

What do these mean?
Reduce means in a simple way to reduce the trash we produce. In this case lesser IS better. Reuse simply means not to always buy new but try to reuse things that are already there. And finally, recycle means to process old and used items in order to make new ones. Then less new resources are needed AND less trash ends up on landfills filling those up.

How can that be practical? Or another question: what can WE do? Every single human being on this planet? What can we teach our children?
Well, I think that this is much easier than most people think. It can start with little things and then you grow and adapt and widen it to ALL aspects of daily life!!! Here some examples of what we do in our house:
  • recycle all recyclable items, such as glass jars, drink cans, newspapers, cardboard and packaging, and plastic bottles
  • reuse some of those as containers around the house! - like jars for storage of leftovers, or even for art projects for kids - there are so many good ones out there to try. Of course you need to wash it before you reuse it.
  • recycle batteries and drop them off at a center (we do it about three times a year)
  • use less stuff that you only use one time, such as paper plates and cups (that is my biggest thing in America - because it feels like such a waste!) - I understand that for a big party, it is much easier, but there is just no excuse to use them on a regular basis.
  • use less paper towels and use regular, washable towels instead (I got really good at this one within the last six months!)
  • use less tissues, rather use fabric hankies (we are working real hard on this one, as to me, it feels a waste to use tons of tissues while I can wash the other ones)
  • if you have a baby, try (!) to use cloth diapers (I did not do it for my first one, shame on me, but I am sure trying it now!!!) - so less stuff filling up the landfills
  • the next one is on my own to-do-list: starting a compost pile in our garden (we haven't done it yet, and every time I throw out the kitchen waste, I think of it as a waste, so this is coming soon!) - so you put less garbage in your own bins but also less on the landfills, stuff that is actually good for the garden that you start on my next point
  • and with that, yes, start your own garden, vegetables, fruits, whatever you prefer! - we have some carrots, radishes, tomatoes, strawberries, dill, mint, cilantro - it's not much but we get more each year.
  • hang up your clothes instead of using a dryer - and I am not talking about the big bed sheets and stuff, but little things if you want. For myself, I am not using the dryer for my clothes or both kids. Only the hubby doesn't like the board-like shirts for work, understandable. I have an indoor drying rag, but wish to get my own cloth lines outside. We live in a very warm state, so I could use it all year long.
  • give away stuff you don't want anymore, rather than throwing it out when it is still in good shape. I mean there are a lot of less fortunate people who don't feel like being pitied when they get hand-me-downs. There are good organizations that can help distribute your stuff. Garage sales are a great way to even get some money for your old things. Graigslist, ebay, ..... etc.

I think you get the idea. And yes, we are doing mostly all of the above. I am doing it for such a long time that it has become natural to me. But I am still nowhere of where I want to be! So I need to work on myself and this family. I just thought I show off our efforts because it is actually pretty easy, if one tries....

Good luck and save the earth!!! One step at a time.