12 June 2010

I am dreaming and planning about this for the past six months. And I think now it is time for me to get started. Even though I am not entirely sure how it will look at the end. BUT what I do know is that I LOVE books. And I do know that I don't want to make this a book review the old style, because all of you can just go to Amazon and check it out over there. What I want to do here is my personal best one-hundred list perhaps, and give you ideas of what is good. Of course, this is all purely and entirely subjective and to my very own personal liking. So please, no offense, no bad taste or any of those comments, as we ALL have different taste and NOBODY likes to be told what one HAS to like.....

So this post is to introduce my idea and lay down the ground rules. Maybe I will put down the first book within the next week, maybe I will wait until next month, I am not sure yet. But I do know with which book I will commence.... so be surprised!