25 June 2010

Life being away from home

Hey there,
I have not tried to neglet you guys, but we are at my hubby's family's
house. I can only tell you about it, but you will have to wait for pictures until I get back home. We left our house on Saturday - yes, the day BEFORE Father's Day. This was planned and we celebrated the day before with the Hubby. It was Peanut's first plane ride and I was very nervous beforehand. But she did great! We had a layover which makes the trip a little longer, but she did it all. She took a short nap and the rest of the time she just ate! Yep, that is what she likes to do.... We got here very late on Saturday night, and the kids both fell asleep in the car. I had to dress Coqui once we reached the house, but Peanut, being already in PJs, woke up and just screamed. So I had to lay down with her and it was a rough night. The first day, Peanut was not very happy. Different house, different people, oh she did not like it. She was super clingy, if that is possible, and I could not use the bathroom without her! It was terrible.

But after a day or two, she got a little warmer with Mema and Buelo. After almost a week now, she is completely fine. She crawls around the house, gets into Coqui's toys and is just being her own little self again. We have visited friends and family every single day, so we had play dates every day. She loves it. She wants to be in the middle of all the big kids, crawls after them and laughs with them. It is so adorable. And Mami is glad, too.

Tomorrow I will leave her with Mema and Tia - let's see how she will be then. With her, I am always a little uneasy..... but I am only a half hour away in case things should go real down south.... I (!) am looking forward to tomorrow. Going to my second Bat Mitzvah. I have seen her sister do it three years ago, now it is the little sister's turn and I am very excited for her to pass this milestone. This family means alot to me.

Coqui has lots of fun, too. He loves his Mema - she is lots of fun and pays him lots of attention. He loves seeing all his cousins and friends, exploring and enjoying being outside!!! Beulo has a big pool and he was not one bit afraid of it but jumped right in. He loves that he can go on the playground, any time of the day. We go out for ice cream and mini golf. He is in heaven....

We have a whole other week here, and the big weekend of the Fourth! So lots of more fun. A little trip down to the beach with friends. More family and the baptism of Our Carrier - and for those who don't know, the lady that carried Peanut! I am so looking forward to that event. I saw her the other day and loved how she looked. She looked at peace and to me that is ALL I ever wanted for her! I am so happy that God came back into her life and turned it around like this. We will be there to witness that. And she, and her entire church, is so excited that the baby, aka Peanut, will be there with her! We have a surprise for her! But I can not say it yet....

I will be back here!